Vagheggi White Moon Brightening Vials 10 Ampoules

A whitening ampules that remove dark spots and pigmentations.



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Vagheggi White Moon Brightening Vials 10 Ampoules

Vagheggi white moon ampules help to lighten the skin and unify its tone.
The ampules help to stimulate skin regeneration and improve skin elasticity.
Vagheggi white moon ampules also help to protect the skin and leave your skin looking brighter and radiant.
Vagheggi white moon ampules Benefits:
- Helps to get rid of pigmentation.
- Improves skin appearance.
- Provides antioxidant action.
- Exfoliates the skin and removes the dead cell.;
Active ingredients:
• An active complex of botanical molecules:
- Whitens skin.
- Repairs damaged skin.
- Stimulates cell renewal.
• AHA:
Exfoliates the skin to remove the dead cells.
Eases dark spots.
• Panthenol:
- Soothes skin.
- Softens skin.
- Has anti- oxidant action.
• Allantoin:
- Repairs skin.
- Helps you to get smooth and soft skin.
How To Use Vagheggi White Moon Ampules:
- Apply every evening after cleansing, using constantly for 10 consecutive days.
- Size:10 Ampoules×2.5 ml
- Made in Italy