Vagheggi White Moon Cleansing Toner 250 ml

A toner that helps to lighten the skin and removes dirt, leaving your skin clean, fresh, and brighter.

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Vagheggi White Moon Cleansing Toner 250 ml

Vagheggi Toner gives you smooth and brighter skin by cleansing your skin leaving it feeling fresh.
It helps to remove dirt and impurities and reduces the chances of getting skin breakouts.

Active ingredients:
Pearly Pigments, Betaine Amino Acid
VAGHEGGI Toner Benefits:
- Give you glow and healthy skin.
- Provides long- lasting hydration.
- Lightens skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots.;
How To Use VAGHEGGI Toner:
- Take a small amount of the toner, wet it with a little water, and then massage it onto the face. Rinse with water.

- Size: 250 ml
- Made in Italy