Vagheggi White Moon Protective Brightening Emulsion 50 ml

A lightening emulsion that helps to improve skin appearance by removing dark spots and pigmentation.



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Vagheggi White Moon Protective Brightening Emulsion 50 ml

Vagheggi Emulsion is enriched with potent active ingredients that work to remove pigmentation and dark spots.
In addition, it also protects the skin from external factors that may cause pigmentation.
Vagheggi Emulsion provides intense and long- lasting hydration to maintain skin health.
VAGHEGGI Emulsion Benefits:
- Protect the skin from free radical’s damage.
- Unifies skin tone.
- Protect skin from drying out.;
Active ingredients:
• Shea Butter:
- Has anti- inflammatory action.
- Moisturize skin.
- Nourishes the skin as it is rich in Vitamins.
• Vitamin C:
- Has anti- oxidant action.
- Lightens the skin.
- Boosts collagen production.
• Glabridin:
- Helps to get rid of dark spots.
- Provides anti- inflammatory effect.
How to use VAGHEGGI Emulsion:
- Apply to dry skin in the morning and evening.
- Size: 50 ml
- Made In Italy