Vitarmonyl AquaLigne Café Bio Minceur 12 Sachets

Organic slimming coffee, Helps eliminate and burn stored fat
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Vitarmonyl AquaLigne Café Bio Minceur 12 Sachets

• For those who wish to make their coffee break an active time for the line.
• AquaLigne Café helps burn and eliminate stored fat.
• It intervenes in the metabolism of fats by promoting their combustion and thus helps to keep the line.

Active ingredients:
Guarana extract, Caffeine.

It has a double Action:
• Burn and eliminate fat.
• Refine the silhouette.

How To Use:
• Put the sachet in a cup, add boiling water and stir.
• Preferably in the morning, to replace your usual coffee, per day / one sachet per day.
• At the beginning of slimming, it is recommended to take 2 sachets daily for 6 days to obtain optimal effectiveness.

Points Of Interest:
• Consume as part of a varied and balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle, and regular physical activity.
• Not recommended for people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant or breastfeeding women.
• Keep out of reach of children.

12 Sachets.

How To Store:
Store at room temperature.

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