Vitis Whitening Toothpaste Mint Flavour 100 ml

A whitening toothpaste that enhances teeth whitening protects teeth from cavities, prevents plaque build-up, and maintains a fresh breath.



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Vitis Whitening Toothpaste Mint Flavour 100 ml

Vitis whitening toothpaste provides complete dental care and maintains bright white teeth.
The toothpaste has five functions together, including whitening, cavity protection, repairing, preventing plaque build-up, and polishing teeth.
Thanks to Vitis's innovative haprepair technology, it effectively repairs tooth enamel and restores dentin.
This technology is based on the active hydroxyapatite, which forms an insulating layer on surfaces with cavities to appear smoother.
It also contains a triple phosphate formula that works to prevent the build-up of the dental plaque (biofilm) and prevents staining of the teeth.
In addition to fluoride, which remineralizes teeth, strengthens their structure, and protects them from cavities and caries.
Vitis toothpaste maintains stain-free white teeth and fresh breath throughout the day.

Active ingredients:
Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, Sodium tripolyphosphate, Sodium hexametaphosphate, Hydroxyapatite.
Benefits of whitening toothpaste:
- Removes pigmentation and stains from teeth.
- Maintains bright white teeth.
- Prevents the accumulation of plaque in the mouth and teeth.
- Remineralizes teeth.
- Repairs tooth enamel full of cavities.
- Polishes teeth without eroding them.;
How to use Vitis toothpaste:
- Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day using an appropriate toothbrush.

- Size: 100 ml
- Made in Spain

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