A.B.C. Hand & Foot Cream 100 ml

Nourishing and moisturizing cream for dry hands and feet

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A.B.C. Hand & Foot Cream 100 mL

• A.B.C. Hand and Foot cream is a rich intensive and deep action cream for hands and feet that need extra care.
• It contains natural tea tree oil, soothing Arnica and Witch hazel provide instant relief for dry and cracked skin.

Active ingredients:
Tea Tree Oil , Arnica , Witch hazel .

•A.B.C. cream Moisturizes the skin.
• Soothes the skin.
• Protects from dryness.

How to use:
• Massage A.B.C. cream gently into hands, feets and nails.
• Use on clean skin whenever required.

Points of interest:
• Suitable for dry skin.

100 ml.

How To Store:
Store at room temperature.

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