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A large number of girls are keen to use make-up tools to hide facial defects and appear in the most beautiful way, and we don't know a large number of them tools that you can't do without and keep their bags all the time, especially if they are not experienced in using make-up tools well, so we offer you those tools quoted by cosmo life

 BB Cream

BB  and CC are  creams that contribute greatly to hiding skin defects, and are able to give the skin good coverage, it contains a moisturizer, as well as being an introductory layer to be used before applying make-up for bright skin.


Mascara contributes to changing the shape of the eye significantly, make sure to choose a good type that helps you show the beauty of your eyes and does not make them look excessive, and know that it is valid only 6 months from the date of use for the first time.

The Conceller

For perfect coverage of your skin, and because the eyes are the most beautiful, make sure you use a conciler that matches the same color as your natural skin to hide dark circles under your eyes, or even those dark spots on the skin.

Bolsher - Blush

Adds a glimpse of vitality to the skin, and you can choose between pink or peachy depending on the color of your skin, and make sure it is distributed naturally so that it does not seem exaggerated and counterproductive.

Colorful cocoa butter

Cocoa butter plays a very important role in moisturizing lips, make sure you have one of your favorite colors, it gives it a natural color and protects it from cracking that makes it look bad.

The Highlight

Having glowing skin is every girl's dream, so Highlight is one of the basic tools you can't do without, and make sure you put too little of it in specific places in your skin such as the top of your cheeks and nose.

Eyebrow pen

One of the most important make-up tools to have is that the eyebrows are responsible for determining the shape of the face, so you should draw them in a way that helps to show your face beautifully, and make sure to choose the color of the pen corresponding to the color of your basic eyebrows.

Bronze powder

Getting bronzed skin is a dream that many girls seek, and even spend money to achieve, so if you want to, you can use bronze powder, but don't use it fully on your skin, but distribute it to the cheekbones.


Eyeliner plays a big role in expanding the eyes, so use it on the bottom line of your eyelid to keep your eyes glowing and alert, it has a distinctive charm.

Cosmo Life Bra Delivery

There is a free online pharmacy delivery service  for all products offered at  Cosmolife Pharmacy for all areas of Alcoit, including all pharmaceutical products found in Kuwait pharmacies and  body  and skin care products.

In the end, our Cosmo Live store  contains all the products you find in Kuwait pharmacies,  especially make-up products,  there are  also  shampoos and washes for sensitive areas as well as many types of skin creams that reduce wrinkles and restore freshness to your skin, do not forget the free delivery service for all products when requested online.