Hair Care

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Hair care

Healthy hair is a woman's true beauty. Some women have beautiful hair by nature, while others suffer from many problems such as dry hair, damage, veneer as well as falling and baldness. On Cosmo Life we specialize in hair care, here you will find everything related to hair care, whether it's shampoo, serm, balm and ampolat hair care.

Shampoo is the basis of hair healthcare, which cleans hair and scalp to reduce oils, dirt and other accumulations.

At Cosmo Live , we offer you a variety of shampoos that suit every hair nature so you can choose from this great collection that restores your vital hair.

balm is a  hair care product that  changes hair texture and appearance. Hair balm is usually  a viscous liquid, and is used by placing it on the hair and massaged the hair. Hair balm is usually used after shampooing.

Hair problems

loss is a problem that many people face, and has many reasons, including:

·         Tension

·         Genetic baldness.

·         Pregnancy, childbirth.

·         Bad hair care.

Our pharmacy, Cosmo Live, has the solution to use shampoo to treat hair loss, and wash hair well, to remove sediment from it.

We have krishna ampoules available to us in Cosmolife.

Krishna ampoules offer many benefits, most notably enhancing hair growth in baldness areas, protecting and nourishing hair follicles, preventing them from falling out and gaining hair with unmatched shine.


Veneer is a common hair problem.

The cortex can be treated by using a shampoo against the cortex, which we have at Cosmolife Pharmacy that gives us amazing results and solves the problem at its roots.

So you can shop at Cosmolife Pharmacy and get all the necessary products for hair care as we provide you with excellent quality products that help you get immediate results.

We provide you with a unique online pharmacy delivery service  that provides you with everything you need so that the products are delivered to you and shipped free of charge.

In the end, hair care is a sensitive topic, and applying a healthy hair care routine has become easy to rely on Pharma Life, Kuwait's most famous pharmacy.