Absorbent Cotton Wool 250 g 1 Roll

Multi-use medical cotton roll

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Absorbent Cotton Wool 250 g 1 Roll 

Cotton roll that is thin and soft on the skin, as it is made of safe materials that do not cause skin allergies.
Medical Cotton is characterized by its excellent ability to absorb fluids and blood and prevent its leakage.
Versatile as it is widely used in medical treatment and medicinal purposes as well as in skincare and cosmetics.
In the medical field: Cotton is used to clean and sterilize wounds and to apply medical creams and ointments, especially for its effectiveness in stopping and preventing bleeding from small holes such as injections, and it can be fixed in place using a medical adhesive tape.
In the field of skin care: Cotton is used for applying and removing makeup, applying toners, and other products.

• Medical cotton is used to clean wounds.
• It is used in the development of medical creams and ointments.
• Cotton is used in the application of medical and cosmetic preparations.

Point of interest:
• Cotton is for external use only.
• Care must be taken during use as it is flammable.
• To avoid suffocation, keep cotton rolls away from children and pets.

Made in: China.

Quantity: 250 g.

Store at room temperature.