ACM Cicastim.A Soothing Cream 20 mL

A soothing cream that is used to calm the skin after injury and reduce the appearance of bruises



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ACM Cicastim.A Soothing Cream 20 mL

ACM Cicastim.A is a soothing cream that is used to improve the appearance of bruises after injuries or surgeries.
ACM Cream has a unique synergistic formula to relieve discomfort and pain on affected skin.
It contains some waxes and glycerin that maintain high hydration of the skin and fast repair of bruises.
that cream also contains arnica extract, which relieves pain and helps to get rid of bruises and reduce swelling.
ACM Cicastim.A cream helps eliminate bruises after 3-5 days of continuous use.

Active Ingredients:
Complex based on arnica extract, Glycerine.


Benefits of ACM Cream:
- Removes purple skin color after bruising.
- Relieves pain after injury and after surgeries.
- Accelerates the healing of the skin and the return of its natural color.;
How to use ACM Cream:
- Apply a thin layer of cream 2-3 times a day.
- Massage the affected area well to ensure absorption.
- Do not apply the cream to mucous membranes, burns, and abrasions.
- Size: 20 ml
- Made in France