ACM Depiwhite Day SPF 20 Cream 40 ml

A skin-lightening day cream with SPF 20 that removes pigmentation and dark spots to unify skin tone



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ACM Depiwhite Day SPF 20 Cream 40 mL

ACM Depiwhite White Day Cream lightens skin pigmentation and dark spots, which are caused appear due to infections, peeling, or laser treatments.
The whitening cream contains SPF 20 that prevents sunburn when exposed to sunlight for a long time
ACM cream contains grape seed oil, which is rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin and reduce pigmentation that appears in it.
The formula also included kojic acid, which helps unify skin tone and reduce melanin, which causes pigmentation.
ACM cream contains titanium oxide that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation and soothes the skin.

Active Ingredients:
Kojic acid, Glycerine, Grapeseed oil, Titanium dioxide.
Benefits of Depiwhite Day Cream
- It is used to get rid of pigmentation on the skin.
- Evens out skin tone and reduces blemishes.
- Boosts skin glow and radiant.
- Promotes skin hydration.;
How to use Depiwhite Day Cream:
- Apply a little cream in the morning before leaving the house.
- Gently massage the cream.
- Use the cream for 2-6 months.

- Size: 40 ml.
- Made in France