ACM Novophane Nail Cream 15 ml

A nail strengthening cream that treats brittle and weak nails, increases nail hydration and ensures healthy growth.



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ACM Novophane Nail Cream 15 mL

ACM Novophane Nail Cream is formulated for brittle and weak nails and helps repair and strengthen them.
The cream works to strengthen and moisturize the nails, preventing them from breaking and repairing defects in them.
Novophane cream has a non-sticky, fast-absorbing texture that is easily absorbed by the skin.
ACM nail cream contains nourishing natural oils that promote healthy nails.
You can use Novophane cream on polished and unpolished nails on a daily basis.

Active Ingredients:
Glycerin, Squalane, Biotin.


Benefits of Novophane Nail Cream:
- Strengthens nails and prevents them from breaking.
- Increases the shine and health of nails.
- Moisturizes nails.
- Nourishes nails.;
How to use Novophane Nail Cream:
- Apply ACM Nail cream on and around the nail bed with a gentle massage daily.

- Size: 15 ml.
- Made in France