ACM Sebionex Actimat Light Tint Face Cream 40 ml

An effective cream that corrects skin imperfections and evens out skin, leaving it more radiant



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ACM Sebionex Actimat Light Tint Face Cream 40 mL

ACM Sebionex Actimat Cream is a light-toned face cream that covers blemishes and evens out skin tone.
Sebionex Actimat Cream helps improve the appearance of the skin, reduce irritation and redness, reduce shine, and make the skin smoother.
The cream also works to cover skin blemishes instantly and effectively with a light, natural color without clogging the pores.
ACM Sebionex cream is characterized by a formula that maintains moisture and strengthens the skin's natural barrier, making it suitable make-up base.
Benefits of ACM Tint Face Cream:
- Covers blemishes and pigmentation in the skin.
- Evens skin tone.
- Deeply moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness.
- Reduces shine and improves skin texture.;
Active ingredients:
Soybean oil:
- Nourishes skin cells.
- Strengthens the skin's moisture barrier.
Ceramide NP:
- Improves skin texture.
- Gets rid of dryness.
Ceramide AP:
- Soothes irritated skin.
- Improves skin health.
- Powerful antioxidant.
- Increases skin freshness.
Magnesium sulphate:
- Gently exfoliates the skin.
- Removes dead skin.
Ceramide EOP:
- Strengthens the skin barrier.
- Increases skin moisture.
- Renews skin cells.
- Enhances skin hydration.
- Locks in skin moisture.
- Forms a barrier that protects the skin.
- Strengthens the skin's defenses.
How to use Actimat Tint Face Cream:
- Use ACM Tint Face Cream in the morning, smoothing it evenly between your face and neck.
- Size: 40 ml.
- Made in France