ACM Sebionex.K Exfoliating AHA15% Cream 40 ml

A daily exfoliating cream for oily and combination skin that regulates sebum secretion, reduces skin shine, and gives the skin clearer and smoother look.



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ACM Sebionex.K Exfoliating AHA15% Cream 40 mL

ACM Sebionex.K Cream works to purify the skin and reduce blemishes and blackheads.
This cream is formulated to be used as a part of your daily routine to maintain clearer and non-shiny skin.
The cream contains a distinctive formula that includes 3 types of fruit acids that exfoliate the skin.
It also contains zinc gluconate, which regulates the secretion of sebum in the skin.
ACM Sebionex K cream is non-greasy, fluid-textured, quickly absorbed, and suitable for oily skin.

Active Ingredients:
AHA, Zinc gluconate.
Benefits of Sebionex Scrub Cream:
- Gently exfoliates skin cells.
- Hides large pores in the skin.
- Purifies the skin from impurities and imperfections.
- Reduces pigmentation and acne effects.
- Reduces skin shine caused by increased oil secretion.;
How to use Sebionex.K Exfoliating Cream:
- Apply the exfoliating cream to dry skin in the morning and/or evening.
- Size: 40 ml.
- Made in France