Anivagene Fortifying & Energizing Vials For Hair 7x5 ml

Are ampoules that are designed to stimulate hair growth, revitalize and strengthen hair as well as nourish hair follicles to obtain thick and shiny hair.

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Anivagene Fortifying & Energizing Vials For Hair 7x5 ml

Anivagene Fortifying & Energizing Vials are hair ampoules that contain an ideal formula of compounds that nourish hair and increase its density and shine.
The ampoules contain a unique formula, which contains a mixture of compounds that promote hair growth by nourishing and strengthening the follicles.
The mixture also coats the hair strands, making them more able to resist breakage and loss that results from the external factors surrounding the hair.
In addition to that the formula is free of parabens, allergens and is clinically tested by dermatologists, it is also suitable for all hair types.
Anivagene Fortifying & Energizing Vials gives you an integrated and ideal solution to treat hair problems and ensure the growth of healthy, thicker, and shinier hair.

Active ingredients:
Bioanageline, Capixyl , Kapilarine.
Benefits of Anivagene Hair Vials:
- Reduces hair loss.
- Increases hair volume and density.
- Improves scalp health.
- Revitalizes and strengthens hair.
- Ensures fast and visible results.;
How to use Anivagene Fortifying & Energizing Vials:
- Each Vial contains 5ml of liquid which is sufficient for two doses of treatment.
- Apply 2.5ml of the treatment once every two days, the box is enough for one month.
- It is recommended to use ampoules for 3 months.
- It is also recommended to repeat it twice a year (in spring and autumn).

- Size: 7*5ml
- Made in Greece