Appetito Bimbi Concentrated Fl high appetite

Appetito syrup is a food supplement of vitamins and minerals used to open the appetite, increase weight and maintain immunity for children.

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Appetito bimbi concentrate - 200ml

Pollen and plant extracts

APPETITO child syrup is a food supplement containing many vitamins and minerals obtained from plant extracts indicated for appetite stimulation to improve and aid a balanced intake of energy and to tone nutritional foods in children and infants.

Appetito bimbi concentrate syrup STIMULATES THE APPETITE NATURALLY with support and helps a balanced contribution of nutrient, energetic and invigorating substances.

Active ingredients:
Pollen hydroglyceric extract, wheat germ extract, hydroglyceric extract of Gentian root, Centaurea hydroglyceric extract

Stimulates the appetite naturally by herbal.

How to use:
Children 1-3 years: 2 tablespoons a day before meals.Children 4, 12 years: 3 tablespoons a day before meals. The product can be diluted in water or other drinks (Tea, milk, chamomile, juice, etc.).

Made in:

200 ml

Store at room temperature.