Aquax Cream 150 g For Dry Skin

Moisturizing cream helps to relieve itching

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Aquax Cream 150 g For dry skin

• Aquax Cream is an ultra-safe moisturizer for the whole family to moisturize dry skin and decrease itching and skin irritation.
• It contains a well-known ingredient for its high efficacy as a moisturizer like white petroleum jelly, which forms a protective layer to prevent further water loss from the skin, reduce inflammation and generally heal the skin.

Active ingredients:
White petrolatum jelly, Mineral oil.

• Aquax Cream moisturizes dry skin.
• Aquax Cream reduces itching and skin irritation.

How to use:
• Used Aquax Cream twice daily or as needed.
• Used on clean skin for the whole body.

Points of interest:
• Aquax Cream is suitable for dry skin.
• Suitable for all family members.

Made in:

150 g

Store at room temperature

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