Ascensia Contour Plus One (mmol/L) + 150 strips offer

A device for measuring blood sugar levels, can connect to the phone via Bluetooth

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Ascensia Contour Plus One (mmol/L) + 150 strips offer

A blood glucose monitor with wireless ability to connect to a phone via Bluetooth.
It can be connected to the CONTOUR Diabetes app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store.
This app automatically syncs your readings with your mobile phone, enabling you to:
Collect, store, and share data and blood glucose measurements with your doctor or health care professional.
You can get previous readings from the archive, which gives you more accurate information about the level of sugar in the body.

- Offer contains:
Contour Plus One device for measuring blood glucose.
3 Packs of Contour Plus test strips (each pack contains 50 strips).

- Contour Plus One device includes:
Contour Plus One glucose meter.
5 Blood glucose test strips.
5 Sterile lancets.
Lancing device
User's Guide.
Bag for easy carrying anywhere.

- It is characterized by the smart light feature, where the device displays alert colors according to the result of the reading.
Green light: indicates that the blood sugar level is normal.
Yellow light: indicates a high blood sugar level.
Red light: indicates low blood sugar level.
- Contour Plus device is characterized by the second chance of a single strip where you can add the blood sample to the same strip if the first sample is not enough without damaging the strip.
- Easy to use, compact device, portable for travel, and no coding or programming required.
- Valid for use with Contour Plus blood glucose test strips only, available in all countries of the world.

How to use:
1- Insert a strip into the meter.
2- A counter will appear on the screen for several seconds, then the blood sample placement mark will appear.
3- Prick your finger and place a drop of blood on the test strip and wait for the meter to beep.
4- Test result will appear after 5 seconds.

Sample: taken from venous and capillary blood.
Result: Gives a blood glucose reading.
Sample volume: A small blood sample is about 0.6 µL.
Time: 5 seconds.
Memory: stores the last 800 test results.
Battery type: 2 Lithium flat batteries 3V CR2032 or DL2032.
Battery life: about 1000 tests (1 year of average use, 3 tests per day).
Shelf life: 5 years.

Made in:
Meter made in Indonesia
Test strips made in Japan

1 Device + 150 Strips

Store at room temperature

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