Automatic Crimping Hair Iron

Automatic machine Helps create beautiful styles and add volume with minimal effort

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Automatic Crimping Hair Iron

With Automatic Hair Crimping, getting the texture and volume needed for hair has been easier.
With several levels, the intensity of each wave is determined by the pressure applied to the device.
Automatic Crimping Hair Iron is also easy to use for styling hair and giving your hair the most attractive look.

• Automatic Crimping Hair Iron significantly reduces styling time.
• Effortlessly create different hairstyles.
• Automatic Crimping Hair Iron is perfect for curly hair or for giving hair extra lift and volume at the roots.

How to use:
After setting the appropriate temperature, a small section of the hair is straightened, applying even pressure on the hair strands and moving the device down slowly.
Avoid touching the device with the scalp so as not to get burned, the maximum amount of passing the device over one part of the hair strands is twice.
Do not pull the hair while styling it with the Automatic Crimping Hair Iron.

Points of interest:
• Automatic Crimping Hair Iron has two temperature counters (190- 210).
• It is perfect for all hair types.
• Automatic shutdown in one hour.

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1 Device

Store at room temperature