Avalon Excessive Dryness Cream 100 ml

A moisturizing cream for very dry skin that restores skin elasticity, prevents roughness and cracks and protects the skin from severe dryness.


Avalon pharma

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Avalon Excessive Dryness Cream 100 ml

Avalon cream moisturizes extremely dry skin, prevents cracking, and improves its appearance for a smooth texture.
The cream contains ingredients with high moisturizing capabilities that retain skin moisture and reduce roughness, especially during winter.
Avalon cream provides your skin with superior softness and protects it from symptoms associated with dryness, such as irritation, itching, and redness.

Active Ingredient:
Glycerin, Lanolin, Vaseline.


Avalon cream Benefits: 
- Prevents severe skin dryness.
- Reduces roughness and prevents cracks.
- Moisturizes and softens the skin.
- Helps improve skin appearance.;
How to use Avalon cream: 
- Apply a layer of Avalon cream to dry skin as often as needed.
- Size:100 ml.
- Made in KSA