Avalon Hand Cream 100 ml

A moisturizing hand cream that helps reduce cracks and roughness and gives the skin a feeling of softness and hydration.


Avalon pharma

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Avalon Hand Cream 100 ml

Avalon Hand Cream is designed with high moisturizing properties to give you a soft feeling that lasts all day.
The cream gets rid of dead skin and increases cell regeneration to obtain smooth and supple skin.
Avalon cream also reduces cracks and protects the skin from external factors that cause dryness.
It is enriched with moisturizing and soothing substances that increase the softness of the skin and improve its appearance.
Avalon hand cream benefits:
- Improves hand softness.
- Hydrates the skin and prevents dryness.
- Moisturizes skin cracks.
- Rejuvenates the layers of the skin.;
How to use Avalon hand cream:
- Apply a layer of Avalon cream to your hands twice a day or as often as needed.
- Size: 100 ml.
- Made in KSA