Avalon Nipple Cream 30 ml

A nipple care cream that works to prevent breast cracks and nipple dryness as a result of breastfeeding.


Avalon pharma

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Avalon Nipple Cream 30 ml

Avalon nipple care cream is specially designed for breastfeeding women who suffer from pain during breastfeeding.
The cream stands out for its ability to soothe the pain resulting from cracked nipples in breastfeeding mothers.
This is due to its ability to form a layer around the nipple containing natural moisturizing and nourishing substances that protect against dryness.
Avalon cream contains safe ingredients that do not cause harm or infection to your child, such as olive oil and natural cocoa butter.
The Benefits of Avalon Nipple Cream:
- Forms a protective layer on the skin.
- Prevents severe dryness.
- Moisturizes and softens the nipple area.
- Relieves pain and irritation.;
Active ingredients:
• Olive Oil:
- Increases skin elasticity.
- Deeply moisturizes the body.
- Reduces skin inflammation.
• Cocoa Butter:
- Reduces skin dryness.
- Removes skin cracks.
• Panthenol:
- Restores the skin's protective barrier.
- Prevents dryness and itching.
- Relieves skin inflammation.
• Vaseline:
- Forms an insulating layer for the skin.
- Maintains moisture in the skin.
- Improves skin elasticity.
• Paraffin Oil:
- Prevents dry skin.
- Protects the skin from cracking.
- Reduces nipple roughness.
How to use Avalon Nipple Cream:
- Apply a layer of Avalon Nipple Cream on and around the nipple area after each time you breastfeed your baby or as often as needed.
- Size: 30 ml.
- Made in KSA