Avalon Alpha Plus Cream 30 g

A skin lightening cream that contains ingredients extracted from natural materials to unify skin tone and increase its radiance.


Avalon pharma

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Avalon Alpha Plus Cream 30 g

Avalon Alpha Plus Cream for a healthy, flawless skin and an even complexion.
The cream lightens the skin, corrects blemishes, and reduces pigmentation in the skin.
It also gives your skin a uniform color and reduces pimple marks and dark spots.
Avalon Alpha Plus Cream increases your skin hydration and shine to make it look more attractive.

Active Ingredient:
Alpha Arbutin, Glabridin.

The Benefits of Avalon Alpha Plus:
- Works to even the skin tone and lighten the skin.
- Reduces the appearance of dark brown spots.
- Inhibits production of melanin responsible for dark color.
- Protects the skin as it acts as it has an antioxidant action.;
How to use of Avalon Alpha Plus:
- Use Avalon cream twice a day.
- Wash the face with warm water before using the cream.
- Use sunscreen after it if you go out in the morning.

- Size:30 gm.
- Made in KSA