Avene Cicalfate Cream 40 ml to soothe skin

The multi-use cream for all irritated skin



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Avene Cicalfate Cream 40 ml

Avene Cicalfate Cream helps protect sensitive and fragile, or irritated skin from external aggressors while maintaining proper hydration for optimal skin restoration.
It is a multipurpose nourishing cream for the whole family.
It helps repair and protect damaged, dry, cracked skin and improves the wound healing process.
Its formula contains a combination of powerful ingredients like Avène Thermal Spring Water that soothes, softens, and calms the skin.
Sucralfate micronized helps protect the skin from external damaging environmental factors, it contains replenishing and purifying ingredients like copper-zinc sulfate complex that promote and maintain a healthy skin environment for optimal recovery.

Active ingredients:
copper-zinc sulfate complex, Avène Thermal Spring Water, Sucralfate micronized

• Helps to restore and promote skin recovery.
• Hydrates the skin.
• Protects the skin's natural barrier.
• Soothes irritations.
• Helps wound healing.

How to use:
Apply twice a day to clean, dry skin.

Points of interest:
• Safe for infants, children, and adults.
• For face and body.
• Non- comedogenic.
• It gives a fast effect, the skin is immediately soothed after the first application and you can see good results after only 48 hours.

Made in:

40 ml

Store at room temperature.