Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil SPF 15 - 236 ml 00402

Tanning oil with SPF 15 and water-resistant formula that gives your skin a dazzling, long-lasting golden color with a silky-smooth finish

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Banana Boat Protect Tanning Oil Spf15 236ml 

Banana Boat Protect Tanning Oil Spf15 that gives your skin a long-lasting, dazzling golden tan.
Banana Boat Protect Tanning Oil helps you get a unique tan while protecting your skin from any damage, thanks to its SPF 15 content and antioxidants.
It has a rich formula in natural extracts such as banana extract and carrot extract, in addition to natural oils such as coconut oil, which enhances tanning.
Tanning Oil leaves skin silky soft and protects it from drying out by moisturizing it.
Banana Boat Tanning Oil is distinguished from other types by its very water resistant formula (up to 80 minutes) and long-lasting effect.

Active ingredients:
Coconut oil, Banana extract, Carrot extract .

Banana Boat Protect Tanning Oil Spf15 Benefits:
- Moisturizes skin Deeply .
- Adds a silky touch to skin.
- Gives you an attractive golden color.
- Provides quick, easy coverage, long-lasting coverage.
- Protects skin from sun burn.

How to use:
- Shake well.
- Spray an appropriate amount and spread evenly on the hand and then body, 15 minutes before sun exposure.
- Do not apply directly to the face, spray on the hands and then apply to the face.
- Repeat application After 80 minutes of swimming or sweating .

Point of interest:
- For external use only.
- Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
- Light on the skin.

Made in: USA.

Quantity: 236 ml.

Store at room temperature.