Baricol Complete Chewable Tabs Strawberry 45'S after weight loss

Chewable Tablets that contain all of the vitamins and minerals needed after weight loss surgery

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Baricol Complete 45 Chewable Tabs Strawberry Flavor

Baricol Complete is a supplement that is rich in all vitamins and minerals that the body needs after bariatric surgery
Taking Baricol Complete will prevent malnutrition and health complications due to weight-loss surgery.
It can be used by people who are unable to meet their requirements from other foods.

Active ingredients:
Minerals, Vitamins, Acidity regulators.

• Gives all vitamins and minerals you need after weight-loss surgery.

How Of Use:
• Dose: 3 chewable tablets per day.
• The daily dose (3 tablets) can be taken all at once – such as at breakfast – or divided throughout the day.
• The tablets have a groove in them making them easy to break in half if needed, and you can also crush them up and add them to yogurt or a smoothie.

Points Of Interest:
• Take in consultation with a doctor or dietitian. Baricol Complete does not replace a healthy, varied diet.
• Recommended for people 16+ years old or according to prescription needs.
• These tablets are sugar-free and contain no allergens.
• Available in chewable tablets only.
• Available in strawberry flavor only.

Made in:

45 Chewable Tabs

Store at room temperature