Beautoi Hair Retouch Spray For Brown Hair 75 ml

A brown-colored hair spray that achieves quick and ideal hair dyeing while also helping you get rid of sudden white hair.

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Beautoi Hair Retouch Spray For Brown Hair 75 ml

Beautoi Hair Color Spray is a quick and easy-to-use solution for those who want a quick solution to cover up sudden white hair.
The spray blends seamlessly with your hair, avoiding any visible color differences.
Beautoi Hair Retouch Spray is suitable for salon-permanently colored hair.
It comes in a small size package that can easily fit into a handbag.

Active ingredients:
Ethyl Trisiloxane, Dimethicone, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Ethyl Trisiloxane.
Benefits of Beautoi Hair Retouch Spray:
- Gives quick results.
- Matches hair color.
- Gives a natural look to hair.
- Maintains hair moisture.;
How To Use Beautoi Hair Retouch Spray:
- Hold the can 10-15 cm away from the hair and spray the product, focusing on the roots for optimal coverage.
- Allow the spray to dry for 1 minute before styling the hair in your desired way.

- Size: 75 ml
- Made in Turkey

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