Beesline Instant Bright 5 In 1 Cleanser 150 ml

A facial cleanser that helps to lighten, regenerates, and soften skin, giving it a healthy and vibrant look.



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Beesline Instant Bright 5 In 1 Cleanser 150 ml

Beesline cleanser is a multi-action cleanser that helps you to get bright, radiant, and soft skin.
It cleanses the skin deeply and purifies pores to get rid of dirt, impurities, dead cells, and excess oils, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.
Beesline cleanser also helps to control skin sebum and boosts its softness.
It also helps unifies skin tone, removes dark spots, and protects the skin from free radicals as it contains Niacinamide and Vitamin C.
You can use this cleanser a facial wash, scrub, and m mask.
Beesline Instant Bright 5 In 1 Cleanser Benefits:
- Lightens skin.
- Gives you silky smooth skin.
- Improves skin health.
- Boosts skin radiance.
- Maintains skin moisture.
- Helps to get rid of dead cells.;
Active Ingredients:
- Niacinamide.
- Vitamin C.
- Honey.
- Rice powder.
- Kaolin.
- Salicylic acid.
- Aloe Vera.
- Lactic acid.
How To Use Beesline Instant Bright 5 In 1 Cleanser:
- For Dry to Normal Skin: Use once per day.
- Apply to damp skin, massage gently, then rinse.
- For Oily to Combination Skin: You can use it daily as a cleanser and 2 times per week as a mask.
- Apply a thick layer, wait for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly while scrubbing in circular motions.
- Avoid the eye area.
- Size:150 ml
- Made in Lebanon