Bella Contour Blue Bcbl

Monthly Colored Contact Lenses that give your eyes a glamorous look


Bella Lenses

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Bella Contour Blue Monthly colored Contact Lenses

Bella Contour contact lenses give you an attractive blue color.
It maintains the maximum amount of moisture throughout using it, making them ideal for those who suffer from dryness and discomfort with other lenses.
Bella blue lenses are easy to use without harming the eyes, and it gives you high protection from harmful UV rays.
The lens is made of high-quality materials that make it delicate and comfortable.

Contact lens type: contour
Color: blue
Disposability: Bella Contour blue contact lenses can be used for 3 months.
Contents: 2 sterile colored contact lenses (38% water / polymacon) immersed in a saline solution.


• Bella lenses give your eyes a stunning look.
• UV protection.


room temperature.


2 Contact Lenses.

Made in:

South Korea.