Bepanthene Lotion Moisturizing & antiseptic

Bepanthene Lotion used as daily use for moisturizing normal to dry Skin for all body including face .

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Bepanthene 200 ml - Lotion

Bepanthen lotion for face and body gently aids natural skin regeneration, while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturized.
This light formulation swiftly penetrates the skin exposed to drying and damaging environmental factors.
Bepanthen lotion contains the active substance dexpanthenol, Pro Vitamin B5, which is converted in the skin cells into the vitamin pantothenic acid.
Scientifically-formulated with Pro Vitamin B5, nicknamed the skin vitamin, Bepanthen is at the cutting edge of skin care treatment after 75 years.
Pro Vitamin B5 is recommended to alleviate many skin disorders.
It stimulates damaged skin regeneration, heals external skin, and increases skin's moisture retention.
Panthenol is also well known for its safety and effectiveness in skin care after sun exposure.

• Moisturizing for dry skin as well as for normal skin exposed to everyday stress (showering, bathing, frequent hand washing, changing weather conditions, etc.).
• Treating skin redness, peeling skin caused by sunburn or unbroken, irritated skin.

How to store:
keep at room temperature.

Active Ingredient:

How to use:
Repair of skin in superficial wounds of any kind and the prevention of chafed or split skin: apply one or more times daily, as needed.
Breast care: In nursing mothers: apply ointment to nipples after each breast feeding.
Infant care: Apply at each nappy (diaper) change.
Apply one or more times daily as directed by a physician, for cervical erosions.

Dosage Form:

200 ml

room temperature