Bepanthene Protective Baby Ointment 100 g

A baby cream designed to protect and soothe babies' skin, especially effective for soothing nappy rashes.

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Bepanthene Protective Baby Ointment 100 g

Bepanthene Ointment helps protect babies' delicate skin from nappy rash.
The Ointment, formulated with Dexapanthenol, helps maintain skin hydration and prevent transepidermal water loss.
Dexapanthenol also soothes and relieves dry, rough, itchy, irritated, and scaly skin, providing comfort.
Bepanthene Ointment safeguards the skin from external factors, promoting skin health.
Additionally, it can be used to protect and soothe nipples after breastfeeding.

Active ingredients:

- Soothes and protects baby's skin against nappy rashes.
- Preserves skin moisture and prevents dryness.
- Safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
- Effective for treating minor wounds.
- Soothes nipples and prevents inflammation.

How to Use:
• Apply Bepanthene Protective Baby Ointment to the affected area as needed.

More information:
- Before the next breastfeeding session, it's important to carefully and completely wipe off any ointment adhering to the nipples.

Made in:

100 g

Store at room temperature