Biocyte Hyaluronic Max Powder 280 g For cells regeneration.

Hyaluronic Max Anti-Aging is a highly concentrated formula that contains hyaluronic acid and Ascophyllum extract that moisturizes and firms the skin

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Biocyte Hyaluronic Max Powder 280 g 

Hyaluronic Max Anti-Aging, an ultra-concentrated formula of hyaluronic acid and Ascophyllum promotes cell renewal and tightens skin.
Hyaluronic acid is one of the skin’s essential “building blocks” that tightens your skin.
Ascophyllum improves your skin texture and contributes to the normal balance and hydration of the skin.

Benefits Of Biocyte Hyaluronic Max:

• Anti-aging.
• Tightens the skin.
• Stimulates cell regeneration.

Active Ingredients:


How to use:

Pour 100 ml of cold water over 2 measuring spoons (i.e. 14 g) and mix using a blender.
Drink once a day.

280 g

Stores at room temperature