Bioderma Photoderm Cover Touch SPF 50+ Cream Golden Offer

A set containing Bioderma sunscreen specially formulated with a tint to protect oily and combination skin from the sun.



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Bioderma Photoderm Cover Touch SPF 50+ Cream Golden Offer

Bioderma sunscreen helps protect combination and oily skin from both types of ultraviolet rays, maintaining skin health and freshness while shielding it from damage.
With antioxidant properties, it guards against free radicals that contribute to pigmentation and wrinkles.
Its light, gentle texture doesn't clog pores and offers natural coverage for blemishes.
Bioderma also controls sebaceous secretions, reducing skin oil accumulation for up to 8 hours, ensuring matte skin all day.

Active ingredients:
Sun Active Defense Technology , Titanium Dioxide.

• Bioderma cream helps protect against harmful sun rays and ultraviolet rays.
• Mattifies the skin and controls shine.
• Protects the skin from premature wrinkles caused by sun exposure.
• Reduces skin imperfections such as pigmentation and dark spots.
• It gives the skin a golden (dark beige) color.
• It has high coverage that lasts up to 8 hours.

How to use:
• Apply a thin layer of Bioderma sunscreen cream on clean skin, gently massage it and spread it evenly over the face before exposure to the sun.

More information:
• Dermatologically tested.
• It is recommended to keep Bioderma sunscreen away from light and heat.

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Store at room temperature