Butler Gum Automatic Flosbrush 250 Uses

An automatic interdental brush that combines the benefits of flossing and brushing in one device to prevent plaque build-up.


Butler Gum

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Butler Gum Automatic Flosbrush 250 Uses

Butler Gum Automatic Flosbrush is an innovative oral hygiene device that combines the benefits of brushing and flossing in one.
The brush features a unique flossing cleaning mechanism that automatically replaces the thread when the lever is pressed.
It provides thorough cleaning and effectively removes plaque and food particles from hard-to-reach areas.
It also features an angled design for easy access to the back teeth and cleaning them well.
It guarantees cleanliness as the used thread is completely isolated from the clean threads.

- Strong and cut resistant.
- Enough for 250 uses.
- Suitable for dental implants.
- Hygiene cover.
- Angled design.
Butler Gum Automatic Flosbrush Benefits:
- User-friendly and effortless to use.
- Designed to allow it to reach the back teeth with ease.
- The used flossed is isolated from the clean floss.
- Effective in removing food and plaque without irritating the gums.;
How To Use Butler Gum Automatic Flosbrush:
- Press the lever on the Butler Gum Automatic Flosbrush to move to a new section of floss.
- Move to the next section after every 4-5 teeth or when required.
- To maintain tension, avoid pressing the lever while flossing.
- Rinse the flosser frequently during and after usage.

- Size: 250 Uses
- Made in China