Butler Gum Easy Flosser 30 Pcs

A convenient and easy-to-use flossing tool in order to prevent gum disease and remove plaque from between teeth.


Butler Gum

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Butler Gum Easy Flosser 30 Pcs

They are designed to facilitate the removal of food particles and plaque from the spaces between the teeth.
Coated with wax, which gives it extra resistance to effectively remove food residue.
The flosser is coated with fluoride and vitamin E, which help protect and soothe teeth and gums.
Butler Gum Easy Flosser has a handle that increases user comfort and provides better access to posterior teeth.
The flosser gives a refreshing mint flavor that leaves a clean and fresh feeling in the mouth after every use.
Butler Gum Easy Flosser Benefits:
• Can remove up to 70% of plaque.
• Avoids tooth decay.
• Aids in the prevention of gum disease.
• Easy to use with control and comfort.;
- With mint flavour.
- Saturated with fluoride.
- Covered with wax.
- Saturated with vitamin E.
- Flexible handle.
How To Use Butler Gum Easy Flosser 30 Pcs:
• Follow the instructions on the Butler Gum Easy Flosser's packaging.
• Size: 30 pieces