Butler Gum Proxabrush Click Interdental

A brush that is used to clean between teeth and along the gum line.


Butler Gum

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Butler Gum Proxabrush Click Interdental 

Butler Gum Proxabrush is a versatile tool designed to effectively clean interdental spaces that are difficult to reach with regular toothbrushes.
The brush features a unique "click" system that allows for easy and secure attachment of interchangeable brush heads in different sizes and angles, enabling access to a variety of interdental spaces.
Butler Gum Proxabrush bristles are gentle, yet effective in removing plaque and debris, while the ergonomic handle provides comfort and control during use.
The brush is ideal for those with orthodontic appliances or implants that require special care in cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Click-on/click-off mechanism:
- Easy brush head reloading.

Antibacterial bristles:
- Chlorhexidine coated.

Two-ended handle:
- To fit different brush sizes.
Butler Gum Proxabrush Click Benefits:
- Efficiently cleans the spaces between teeth that are difficult to reach.
- Keeps healthy oral hygiene.
- Reloading the heads and replacing them is quick.
- The brush is simple to use.
- Effective in removing debris of food and plaque.;
How To Use Butler Gum Proxabrush Click Interdental :
- Apply the Butler Gum Proxabrush between your teeth every day after brushing your teeth.

- Size: 1 piece
- Made in USA