C4 Immu Drink Bottle 20x25 ml

A dietary supplement that is used enhance immunity and fight diseases, with a formula rich in vitamins, minerals, and important compounds for strengthening immunity.

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C4 Immu Drink Bottle 20x25 ml

C4 Immu is a drink to boost immunity and promotes body health, as it raises the body's ability to fight diseases.
The C4 formula contains an integrated group of vitamins necessary to stimulate immune system cells and raise their efficiency.
It also includes a group of minerals necessary for the organs to perform perfectly, for example; Manganese, Iodine, Chrom, and Iron.
The box contains 20 ready- to- use bottles where you just need to shake the bottle and it is ready to drink.
Nutritional supplements cannot be used to boost immunity alone, so a healthy and balanced diet must be maintained.

Active ingredients:
Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Iron, Vitamin B.
Benefits of C4 Immu Immunity Drink:
- Enhances the functions of immune cells.
- Improves the function of vital organs such as the heart and brain.
- Increases blood strength due to its iron content
- Contains numerous antioxidants.;
How To Use C4 Immu Immunity Syrup:
- Shake the bottle well before use.
- Drink one bottle daily.

- Size: 20× 25 ml
- Made in Germany

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