Camomila Intea Natural Spray 100 mL

Camomila Intea Hair lightening lotion, With conditioner, leaves hair loose and soft

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Camomila Intea Natural Spray - 100ml

Progressive and permanent action. With conditioner, leaves hair loose and soft. With a high content of ECOLOGIC Camomila extract to protect and care for hair.
Gradual action that allows you to choose the desired blond tone.
It is not a dye, it does not stain and it is not necessary to rinse.


• It was created to gently lighten normal, fine, or delicate blond hair and to maintain all types of blond hairs
• It also helps maintain a uniform blonde shade, highlights, and even to apply on dark roots

Active Ingredient:

Chamomile Flower.

Points Of Interest:

• For best results we recommend using Camomila Intea Shampoo and Blond Hair and Mask Blond Highlights.
• The use of a hand dryer or sunlight enhances the effect of the product and lightens the hair faster.
• We recommend using the spray up to 2-3 times per week.
• Perfect for all types of blonde hair.
• Easy to apply, without mixtures of previous preparations.
• The tone obtained is permanent and does not disappear after washing.
• It contains no silicones or parabens.
• It does not contain ammonia or chemical dyes.

How to use:

• We recommend washing your hair with Highlights Camomila Intea Shampoo, rinse the shampoo with plenty of water and then wipe the excess water with a towel.
• Spray with the lotion on your hair spreading the product evenly, (you can use a plastic comb), and leave the product on for about 30 minutes. To enhance its effects, you can use a hairdryer or sit in the sunlight.
• Apply the spray directly on the hair and let it dry in the sunlight.
• The sunlight and the marine environment will help to lighten and brighten your hair.

Dosage Form:



100 mL


Stores at room temperature.

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