Care Well Pressure Reducing Flitemate Ear Plugs 1 Pair

Ear plug helps protect against earache during flight and noise protection

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Care Well Pressure Reducing Flitemate Ear Plugs 1 Pair 

Ear plugs help relieve discomfort associated with changes in air pressure during flights.
These earplugs allow a small amount of air to reach the eardrum which equalizes the atmospheric pressure in your ears and reduces earache.
Especially for its effectiveness in protecting your ear from noise to enjoy a pleasant flight.
The earplug is reusable.
Quantity: two pieces.

• Ear plug helps protect against noise and earache caused by changing atmospheric pressure.

How to use:
• Slowly insert the ribbed end of the ear plug into the ear canal.
• This is made easier by gently pulling the top of the ear up and out until you achieve a comfortable fit.
• Replace the earplugs if they come loose during use.

Point of interest:
• It comes with a plastic case.
• Ear plugs for external use.
• Discard the earplug when it becomes dirty or not sticky.
• Clean the earplugs with a slightly damp cloth; Be careful not to get water or dust into the cylinder recess of the earplugs as this could damage the liner.

Made in: China.

Quantity: 2 pieces.

Store at room temperature.