Case Sitting Ring SC

A comfortable seat suffering from hemorrhoids or general sensation of pain in the hip area



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Case Sitting Ring SC 1001
Sitting Ring from Case is ideal for use after surgeries, for those suffering from hemorrhoids, or before and after pregnancy.
It provides a comfortable seat thanks to its special design of visco flex material.
It also maintains its shape after every use.

• Material: Pillow: polyurethane, Cover: Polyester.
• Color: black cover.
• Dimension: 44 cm.

It is comfortable as it can be used:
• After surgeries.
• Before and after pregnancy.
• Hemorrhoids.
• Decubitus wounds (pressure ulcers).
• Coxalgia (general sensation of pain in the hip area).

How to wear:
It can be used anywhere you like at home, at work or even in the car.
Washing instructions:
• You can remove the outer cover and wash it.
• Only the cover is washed.

room temperature.

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