Celluvisc 30'S/0.4ml Eye Drops for dry eyes

Celluvisc improves the moistening eye to reduce irritation, burning or tiredness of the eyes.

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Celluvisc 30 mcg /0.4ml - Eye Drops

carmellose sodium is producing tears to keep the eye wet.

• Tear substitute.
• Dry eye.

Active Ingredient:
Carmellose Sodium.

Side effects:
• Allergic reactions. (including eye or eyelid swelling).
• Blurring of vision, increase in tear production (also known as tearing).
• Sticky eye.
• Crusting of the eyelid.
• Feeling that something is in your eye.
• Redness of the eye/eyelid.
• Eyesight worsening.
• Eye injury to the surface of the eye.

• Allergic (hypersensitive) to carmellose sodium or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.
• If you wear contact lenses, these should be removed before using Celluvisc. The lenses can be put back again 15 minutes after you have applied your drops.

How to use :
1-2 drops of Celluvisc to the affected eyes and can be use as needed.

Dosage Form:
Eye Drops.


room temperature.