Commode Chair With Wheel

Commode Chair that is comfortable and easy to use for the elderly and sick people

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Commode Chair With Wheel 

A Commode chair is made of aluminum and high-quality materials, which makes it comfortable to use.
It has wheels that make it easy to port and use.
The Commode Folding seat consists of a bowl so that the patient can use it to urinate.
The bowl in it can be removed and the existing waste can be disposed of and cleaned with ease.
It also contains two arms with strong handles so that the patient can support his hands while using it.
In addition to containing a seat with a backrest to give you comfort while using it.

• A Commode Chair which is an alternative to the toilet when you need to urinate.

How to use:
• Anyone can use the Commode chair and After urination must remove the bowl and clean it.

Point of interest:
• Always clean and sterilize the waste container immediately after use to prevent infection.
• Keep the Commode Chair out of children's reach.
• The Commode Chair is easy to install and use, so it doesn't require you to make any effort.

Quantity: One piece.

Store at room temperature.