Corega Denture Daily Cleanser Tablets 36'S

Daily tablets that help to clean dentures

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Corega Denture Daily Cleanser Tablets 36'S 

Corega Denture Daily Cleanser Tablets help to kill the bacteria and germs that may cause gum irritation. The tablets also remove stains, leaving your Denture cleaner and fresher. These dentures’ daily cleanser tablets remove plaque and prevent its build-up.


• Corega Denture Daily Cleanser has anti- plaque action.
• Has anti-bacterial action. • Corega Denture Daily Cleanser removes stains.

How to use:
1- Drop one Corega Cleanser tablet into warm (not hot) water to cover your removable oral appliance.
2- Soak for 3- 4 minutes, then brush your removable oral appliance* with the solution using a soft brush.
3- Rinse your removable oral appliance* thoroughly with running water before inserting it into your mouth.

Points of interest:
Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:


36 Tablets

Store at room temperature.