Cosmo Sun Block Lotion + Cosmo Absolute Filler Serum Package

Cosmo Sun Block Lotion + Cosmo Absolute Filler Serum

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Cosmo Sun 60 Sun Block Lotion 150 ml:
One of the most obvious and notable benefits of sunscreen is protects your skin against the sun's broad spectrum of harmful UV rays (+60 protection)
With water resistance so keep your skin fresh . In addition it contains vitamin E which increase collagens production so keep the skin fresh.

Benefits of Cosmo Sun 60 Sun Block Lotion:

• Protection from sun burn and ultraviolet rays.
• Freash and clear skin.
• Whitening axillary area.

Cosmo Absolute Filler Serum 15 ml:
Non-surgical method for removing wrinkles. Work as anti-aging ,This product t seek to relax the facial muscles so minimize the appearance of wrinkles because it contains hyaluronic acid , also provide High hydration rate to get fresh skin.

Benefits of Cosmo Absolute Filler Serum:

• Prevention from facial wrinkles.
• Fresh skin.
• Younger skin.
Get younger skin