Cosmo White Clarifying Facial Gel Wash 150 ml

A facial wash that helps to purify and lighten skin.



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Cosmo White Clarifying Gel Wash 150 ML 

Cosmo White Gel Wash is a gentle facial wash that purifies and cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling fresh.
It also helps to even skin tone and boosts skin radiance.
Cosmo White Gel Wash is suitable for skin types, especially oily skin.

Active ingredients:
Alpha arbutin, Bearberry leaves, Grapes leaves, Yarrow leaves (achillea millefolium), Heather tops (Calluna vulgaris)
- Lightens skin.
- Removes impurities.
- Brings vitality to your skin.;
How to use:
- Use in the morning and evening.

- Size:150 ml
- Made in Italy