Cosmo White Cleansing Milk 150 ml

A cleansing facial wash that purifies skin and improves the appearance of uneven skin.



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Cosmo White Cleansing Milk 150 ML

Cosmo White Cleansing Milk helps has a light and quick- absorbing formula that helps to improve skin appearance by removing dark spots and pigmentation.
It helps to soothe and refresh your skin, in addition, it helps to protect it from dryness.
Cosmo White Cleansing Milk helps to cleanse the skin and removes makeup.
It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
- Removes sunspots and acne scars.
- Unifies skin tone.
- Lightens and brightens skin.
- Moisturizes and brings softness to the skin.;
How to use:
- Apply on a cotton pad then wipe off your makeup.
- Apply on wet skin massage, then rinse off.
- Size:150 ml
- Made in Italy