Cran Med Forte Cranberry 28 Caps

Are capsules that are used to treat bladder inflammation and kill bacteria

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Cran Med Forte Cranberry 28 Caps

Cranberry capsules help in treating recurrent urinary tract infections.
They contain an extract of cranberries that is rich in a compound called proanthocyanidins.
This compound acts as an antioxidant and prevents bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall.
Cran Med capsules also help increase the excretion of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections from the body through urine

Active ingredients:
Cranberry Extract.

Benefits of Cran med Capsules:
- Contribute to the treatment of urinary infections.
- Prevent germs from sticking to the bladder wall.
- Increase the excretion of germs in the urine, and thus the body gets rid of them.

Directions for use of Cran Med:
- Take one capsule per day.

More information:
- The capsules are of a very small size to facilitate the swallowing process.
- Keep cranberry capsules out of the reach of children.
- The capsules do not contain antibiotics.
- Do not to exceed the recommended dose.

28 Caps

Store at room temperature