Crescina HFSC 100% 500 Man 20 FL

Hair ampoules designed for men with bald patches on the scalp contain several patents that stimulate hair growth.



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Crescina HFSC 100% 500 Man 20 FL 

Crescina Ampoules contain a unique formula with a high concentration of active ingredients that are specifically designed to treat advanced stages of baldness.
The ampoules own patents for a formula capable of stimulating stem cell growth and germination of weak follicles.
This treatment is designed to address bald patches or voids on the scalp that are caused by poor hair follicle growth.
Crescina's unique formula has the ability to penetrate the scalp and reach hair roots.
It gives the hair a healthy and natural look as it increases the thickness and shine of the hair.

Active ingredients:
Amino Acids (Lysine, Cysteine), Stem Cells, Glycoprotein
Benefits of Crescina HFSC 100% 500 Man:
- 100% effective formula.
- Promote stem cell growth.
- Help promote physiological hair growth.
- Increase blood flow in the follicles.
- Reduce hair loss and increases its smoothness.
- Raise hair thickness and intensity.;
How To Use Crescina HFSC 100% 500 Man: 
- One ampoule is used daily for five days.
- Give hair two days to rest and then repeat it again.
- These ampoules are for external use only.
- It is recommended to use this product for at least two months.
- For satisfactory results, it is recommended to use it for 4 months.

- Size: 20 ampoules each containing 3.5 ml of solution.
- Made in Italy