Curaprox Hydrosonic Easy Cura134

Electric toothbrush for dental and gum hygiene

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Curaprox Hydrosonic Easy

Curaprox Hydrosonic Toothbrush is easy to use, to take care of oral hygiene and gum health as it is more efficient than a manual toothbrush.
It features a mechanical cleaning mechanism that helps reach deep between teeth that are hard to reach with a manual brush.
As well as along the gum line through the sonic technology of its delicate bristles.
It cleans the teeth, gets rid of food residues and removes the accumulated bacteria that lead to the formation of a layer of plaque and tooth decay.
Equipped with 3 different operating modes to meet all dental cleaning needs and an interchangeable head, the bristles are gentle on gums and of high quality.
Also equipped with a four-minute timer to ensure that dentists' recommended brushing time is met, and it's charging.
Ideal during orthodontic appliances and dental implants.

• Curaprox Hydrosonic helps clean the deep spaces and between the teeth.
• It removes food residues and prevent the formation of dental plaque.
• Helps to get rid of tooth stains.
• An electric toothbrush keeps gums healthy.

How to use:
• Follow the instructions included on the Curaprox Hydrosonic Easy Cura package.

Point of interest:
• Avoid exposing the Curaprox Hydrosonic to heat, high humidity or acids, which can damage the bristles and the brush.
• Keep electric toothbrushes out of the reach of children.
• For external use only.
• For personal use only.

Made in:

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Store at room temperature.