Daily Care Hair Remover Cream 100ml

A cream that helps remove unwanted body hair while moisturizing skin and leaving it soft.

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Daily Care Hair Remover Cream 100 ml

A topical cream which designed to gently remove unwanted hair with blend of natural ingredients that work together to provide effective hair removal while also nourishing and moisturizing the skin.
Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and calm the skin.
Vitamin E and Chamomile helps to prevent irritation and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft after hair removal.

Active Ingredients:
Vitamin E, chamomile, aloe vera, almond oil.


Daily Care Cream Benefits:
- Removes excess hair.
- Hydrate and soften skin.
- Calm and soothe skin irritation.;
How To Use Daily Care Cream:
- Apply a thick layer of the cream to the desired area making sure to cover all of the hair.
- Leave cream on for the recommended amount of time then use a spatula or damp cloth to gently remove the cream along with the unwanted hair.
- Rinse the area thoroughly with water and pat dry.

- Size: 100 ml
- Made in Turkey